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Pure Tacos - Chef Josiah Andrews

1935 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 496-9393

Josiah Andrews Raised in the Garden State, Josiah Andrews has always been surrounded by fresh ingredients in which to experiment. Born in Homer, AL, Josiah has been exposed to multiple domestic ingredients, ranging from pizza topped with smoked moose meat to fresh salmon caught right out the rivers of the wilderness. He has traveled to Europe twice, and spent a month in South America immersing himself in the culture and in the fine food and wine. Chef Andrews’ grandfather owned more than five restaurants between

Philadelphia and Atlantic City, and he provided a lasting impression of the restaurant industry that Josiah could simply not ignore growing up. The fast-paced environment where creativity and innovation are rigorously required on a minute-to-minute basis became more and more appealing as time progressed; and Josiah kept pushing his limits.

In 2011, Josiah received his Certificate of Culinary Arts from The Academy of Culinary Arts in New Jersey. This foundation, coupled with six years of experience in more than 10 kitchens ranging from country clubs and catering to 7-course fine dining, allowed him to move into this position and test the limits of his knowledge of cooking techniques and combination of authentic ingredients to create the ultimate gourmet experience. Josiah finds that when he cooks at home, he cooks Mexican fusion cuisine. “I just always have a Mexican/Latino flair to all my cooking. It’s spicy, affordable, and so satisfying – I love it!”

Combining and exploring different regions of Central America has provided him with the knowledge and background needed to create these authentic and fusion recipes collectively called Pure Tacos.

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