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NFCA Celiac Disease Blogs

Talk about community building!

The number of celiac bloggers increases by the day! There are people across the country writing daily about their experiences with the gluten-free diet. They offer advice for managing celiac disease, tips for delicious gluten-free recipes, commentary on new resources and tons of other useful information.

Here are the blogs currently hosted by the NFCA:

Gluten-Free Recipe of the WeekGluten-Free Recipe of the Week

Do you love nothing more than finding a delicious gluten-free recipe? So do we, and we're posting our favorite finds on Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week. With a brand new recipe posted each Monday, this gluten-free, foodie friendly resource can help you prepare sweet, savory and satisfying meals all while staying gluten-free.

Gluten-Free NutritionAnswers from a Dietitian

Gluten-free cooking can be quite the challenge, so the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has teamed up some wonderful dietitians to bring you helpful hints and insight into staying healthy and happy on a gluten-free diet. Get tips on nutrition, reading labels and what to do if celiac disease symptoms persist.

Gluten-Free Product Reviews

Gluten-Free Hot Products

Gluten-Free Hot Products is a gluten-free food blog dedicated to reviewing the newest gluten-free products on the market. Learn whether that new gluten-free pasta actually tastes good, and find out which gluten-free snacks you should toss in your shopping cart.


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