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Jennifer Esposito Shares Struggle with Celiac Disease Symptoms


They hear about the gluten-free diet, but the public rarely sees the pain of celiac disease before diagnosis. In a blog posted on pop culture site Global Grind, actress Jennifer Esposito revealed the physical and mental stress of living so many years undiagnosed.

Esposito, known for her roles in the Oscar-winning "Crash" and the current CBS show “Blue Bloods,” was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. The answer didn’t come easy. Esposito struggled with symptoms and went through bouts of testing and prescriptions before her doctor finally discovered that celiac was the culprit.

Esposito opened up about the frustration and depression that resulted from her seemingly endless search – an experience many with celiac disease echo in NFCA’s Personal Stories.    

“There is something that happens to you when you feel unheard for so long. You die a little. I was physically, mentally and spiritually done. I was ready to take the obligatory prescription, along with the diagnosis of crazy and go,” Esposito wrote.

Now gluten-free and on the road to better health, Esposito is on a mission to help fellow celiac sufferers. The actress is writing about her experience in a new book, and a gluten-free cookbook is also in the works, according to Global Grind. Esposito is also launching a website to educate others about healthy living.

Read the full blog post on Global Grind.

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