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Emory University Joins Celiac Awareness Day Celebration


Emory University is doing its part to spread awareness of celiac disease and gluten-free needs. Last month, foodservice staff at the Atlanta-based institution completed gluten-free training through NFCA's GREAT Schools, Colleges & Camps program. Now, they're revving up to celebrate the very people this training will serve.

Emory Celiac Awareness Day posterOn Sept. 13, the University will recognize National Celiac Awareness Day by displaying commemorative posters in the campus dining halls. The posters include information about Dr. Samuel Gee, the celiac research pioneer whose birth is honored by this day.

In addition to a special gluten-free station that opened earlier this year, Emory Foodservice staff will host an inaugural Advisory Meeting for students with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity as part of their National Celiac Awareness Day celebration. The meeting includes a gluten-free dinner and discussion, with resource materials from NFCA.

NFCA recently highlighted Emory's work in the September Celiac Central e-newsletter. To read more about gluten-free training at Emory University, read Emory University Goes Back to School with GREAT.

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