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Gluten-Free in Pop Culture: Update


The past week has been a big one for gluten-free awareness. Here’s a summary of the gluten-free diet’s latest hits on the pop culture radar:

Gluten-Free on “Jeopardy”

The long-running game show featured a “Gluten-Free” category on Friday, January 13, 2012. Answers highlighted products that contain no gluten ingredients, but aren’t necessarily certified gluten-free, drawing comments from gluten-free bloggers. Atlanta Gluten-Free Food Examiner Jennifer Harris reported on the episode, while Amy Leger of The Savvy Celiac gave her own take on how the category should have gone.

Gluten-Free Play Dough on “Shark Tank”

An NFCA staff member caught a repeat from Season 1 of this reality show on ABC, in which entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of potential investors. This particular episode followed the inventor of Soy-Yer, a soy-based gluten-free play dough. The inventor noted that many children cannot play with traditional Play Dough because it contains gluten. The investors were convinced that Soy-Yer was a worthy product to back, and it is now available online.

Subway Expands Gluten-Free Sandwich Locations

Gluten-free locals in Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI, rejoiced to learn that Subway had launched gluten-free sandwiches in their area. This is the third region to introduce gluten-free buns, which are already available at Subway locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the Portland, OR, and Tacoma, WA, areas.

New Chick-Fil-A Nuggets Draw Questions from Gluten-Free Community

Fast food chain Chick-Fil-A launched healthier kids meals, including several naturally gluten-free items like applesauce and low-fat milk. But it was the new grilled chicken nuggets touted as “gluten-free” that came under question. While the nuggets are naturally gluten-free, Chick-Fil-A did not indicate whether protocols are in place to avoid cross contamination and ensure the nuggets stay gluten-free.  

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