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Actor Peter Sarsgaard Goes Gluten-Free for Health


Actor Peter Sarsgaard is one of the latest celebrities to tout the benefits of a gluten-free diet. But according to an article on BlissTree.com, he’s not just doing it for weight loss.

The actor, known for his roles in films like “Garden State” and “Jarhead,” followed a doctor’s suggestion to eliminate gluten, dairy and nuts from his diet.* He began to lose weight, but also felt healthier and had more energy on the new diet. A video interview with his doctor suggests that the actor has a sensitivity to gluten. However, the doctor also notes that a diet focused on eating whole foods instead of “processed junk” in conjunction with increased activity levels most likely contributed to the actor’s weight loss.

The video also includes a sneak-peek into Sarsgaard’s diet regimen and even shows you how to prepare one of his signature smoothies, packed full of fresh and delicious ingredients. 

Check out the video and read more on Sarsgaard’s gluten-free diet on BlissTree.com

*Note: It is important to get tested for celiac disease before eliminating gluten from your diet. Going gluten-free before getting tested could affect the accuracy of test results. Individuals who test negative for celiac disease but suspect non-celiac gluten sensitivity should talk to their doctor about trying an elimination diet.

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