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Be an NFCA Newsletter Contributor

NFCA Freelance Newsletter Submission Policy and Procedure

The mission of National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is to raise awareness and funding for celiac disease that will facilitate research, diagnosis, screening, and education to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by this autoimmune disease.

NFCA seeks to be the leading resource for celiac disease and gluten-free news and information by offering free support materials for celiac patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

NFCA's monthly newsletter covers a variety of topics including celiac disease news, lifestyle and wellness information, gluten-free product reviews, and recipes as well as NFCA programming and event updates. A leading online celiac publication, NFCA’s newsletter circulation exceeds 25,000 individuals and is shared with celiac support groups nationwide.

NFCA’s monthly newsletter benefits from countless contributions made by the celiac and gluten-free community, along with distinguished professionals in the field of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. . Freelance newsletter submissions offering advice, recipes, commentary on new resources and wellness information help keep the community informed and do an amazing job of reaching the general public. Interested in being published in NFCA’s monthly newsletter? We would love to include your original article. Read the guidelines and process below to get started!

General Content Guidelines

Publication of content on CeliacCentral.org is at the sole discretion of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). Information on NFCA’s content policy and general terms of use can be found on NFCA’s Newsletter Article Submission Checklist.

Freelance newsletter articles are to be between 250-450 words in length, which includes title, author information, links etc. NFCA has no specific font or margin size requirements. All articles are to be in a Microsoft Word document format. We encourage writers to submit images and photos of a related nature to include with their articles. Photos should be sent along with articles in the same email, but as separate attachments. Although we always do our best to include related graphics we receive, we cannot guarantee that any/all images you send will be included.

Newsletter articles written by those who are not NFCA staffers, or do not have an established monthly column, are considered freelance contributors and must undergo an approval process prior to submitting a newsletter entry. Freelance article topics must be pre-approved by NFCA’s Online Content Manager. NFCA reserves the right to forgo publishing any freelance submission that does not adhere to its approved topic.

Submission Request Procedure for Freelance Writers

Freelance writers contributing to the monthly newsletter must first notify BOTH NFCA’s Director of Communications and Newsletter Editor of their interest and intended article topic. Writers must include the required information listed on NFCA’s Newsletter Article Submission Checklist with their request.

This preliminary request for approval is to be submitted in writing and may be sent by another NFCA staff member on a writer’s behalf. The writer’s information as outlined on NFCA’s Newsletter Article Submission Checklist must be included. After reviewing NFCA reviews your request, you will receive a notice of approval via email from NFCA’s Online Content Manager. Approval notices will reiterate submission procedure and deadlines for the newsletter edition in which your article will be published. Thank you for joining our team!

NFCA is committed to engaging the celiac, gluten intolerant, and greater gluten-free communities through our programming and online initiatives. You are critical to the success of our shared desire to restore health and reclaim lives. We look forward to working with you!

To get started, visit the NFCA’s Newsletter Article Submission Checklist. On this page you will find an electronic form with required information for you to complete. Questions or comments can be directed to Cheryl McEvoy, cmcevoy@celiaccentral.org.

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