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Blog Link Policy

NFCA Social Media Outreach Policies and Procedures

Welcome Bloggers!

The mission of National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is to raise awareness and funding for celiac disease that will facilitate research, education and screening, and improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by this autoimmune disease.

NFCA recognizes that we cannot fully realize this mission without the countless contributions made by the celiac and gluten-free blog community. By offering advice, recipes, and commentary on new resources, bloggers help keep the celiac community informed and do an amazing job of reaching the general public.

Across the web, celiac and gluten-free bloggers have supported NFCA's mission to raise awareness and support for those with the disease. We consider the bloggers listed as Celiac Bloggers in the Resource section of CeliacCentral.org as our partners in this mission. To further the exchange of information between the NFCA and the blogging community, NFCA has established the guidelines listed below for adding new links.

Guidelines for Celiac Bloggers:

Blog or website must be:

1. Active for more than three months.
2. Actively updated.
3.Participate in Link and Content Exchange with NFCA.

Link and Content Exchange Options

Link Exchange:

A text link to NFCA’s website, CeliacCentral.org, is a simple and easy way to establish a relationship with NFCA. NFCA will furnish images for a banner, badge, or button for use on blogs and websites.

Content Exchange:

There are several options in this category. You may choose to do one or more.

Provide content from your website/blog to be republished on Celiaccentral.org.
NFCA seeks to utilize relevant content in an effort to keep its CeliacCentral.org site updated with the best and latest information, as well as to support bloggers by giving them an additional platform to showcase their work. We strive to help the celiac community stay informed about news and events nationwide, and provide healthy lifestyle and wellness information through NFCA’s popular ‘Gluten-Free Recipe of the Week’, ‘Athletes for Awareness’ and ‘Hot Products’ Blogs. Full credit along with a link back to your site will be published, along with any content you provide.

Product and Restaurant Reviews.
NFCA manages a gluten-free product review, glutenfreehotproducts.com, and also works with many gluten-free travel sites. If you have a product or restaurant review you would like to share, we would be glad to publish it on these blogs. Any reviews will be published with full credit, along with a link back to your website or blog.

Post content from CeliacCentral.org on your website/blog.
Help NFCA spread information and content such as news and events to your readers by re-posting them on your website or blog. Please give us full credit and a link back to our site for any content you publish. To help this process, we will send you occasional updates with any content we especially want to share. NOTE: Publication of specific content on CeliacCentral.org is at the sole discretion of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). NFCA maintains the position that views and information presented on blogs we link to are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of NFCA. Information on content policy and general terms of use can be found below NFCA’s Blog Registration Form.

Featured Blogs:

Each month, NFCA will feature 3-5 blogs at the top of the Celiac Bloggers page. These blogs may have helped us get the word out about an upcoming event or program, participated in or organized an outstanding awareness campaign of their own, been particularly effective in keeping the celiac community informed, provided the celiac community with a valuable service, or some other work that deserves extra attention. All other blogs will be listed in alphabetical order.

To get started

Complete the electronic registration form with required information HERE.

Questions? Contact NFCA Social Media Coordinator Atlantis Lacy, alacy@celiaccentral.org.

Thank you for joining our team!
NFCA is committed to engaging the celiac, gluten intolerant, and greater gluten-free communities through our programming and online initiatives. You are critical to the success of our shared desire to restore health and reclaim lives. We look forward to working with you!

Download NFCA's Blog Link Policy pdf.

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