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Appetite for Awareness 2012: Program Book

Program Book inside pages

Be a lasting part of the action on September 23rd and beyond!

Michael Savett of Gluten Free PhillyNFCA is honoring Michael Savett of the blog Gluten Free Philly for his signficant contribution to quality-of-life for those on a gluten-free diet within the Philadelphia region.

The Program Book will enable readers, gluten-free and area businesses and local restaurants to offer Michael their appreciation for his blog, which has won the People’s Choice Award for Best Health, Fitness and Medical Blog from CBS Philly.

The Program Book, distributed to all attendees, is a keepsake resource book that will be used throughout the year.

What's in it?

The Program Book not only provides information specific to Appetite for Awareness 2012, but also offers an abundance of resources about the gluten-free diet, including where to find hidden gluten and common substitutions for gluten-containing foods and coupons.

A highlight of the program book is the Restaurant Info pages, which include the names, addresses, phone numbers, websites and hours of operation for participating restaurants, as well as a full biography for participating chefs. Each chef also chooses a “Chef’s Pick” to highlight a particular menu item of interest for gluten-free diners. A supplement provides an alphabetical list (with websites included) of all exhibitors included in the Marketplace at Appetite for Awareness.

Why should I place an ad?

Your ad will be seen by the estimated 2,000 attendees expected at Appetite for Awareness. The ad will:

  • Demonstrate your dedication and service to the gluten-free community
  • Earn valuable name recognition in this growing market
  • Gain ongoing impact as attendees reference the guide again and again.
  • Support critical NFCA initiatives, including health care education programs, free patient resources and food safety initiatives.

The funding from your ad placement will directly benefit NFCA's work in the community.

To reserve an ad:

1. Please review the Program Book Ad Specifications.

2. Complete the form below to reserve your ad. A member of NFCA's team will follow-up with an invoice for your ad.

Ad reservations are due by August 1, 2012. Ad artwork is due no later than August 15, 2012.

Ad Reservation Form

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