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Celiac Disease Advocacy Corner

Take ACTION Today!

You can play a role in celiac and gluten-free awareness. There are a number of ways to champion the cause, whether it's in the exam room or on the legislative floor.

Check out these opportunities to bring attention to celiac needs and keep the momentum going toward a better, healthier life for all.

Tell Your Doctor to Get Informed

doctor and celiac child

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness launched a free online continuing medical education (CME) program to teach your doctors what they need to know about celiac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle.

You can support the cause by encouraging your doctor to take the CME at www.CeliacCMECentral.com.

Why you? Here are a few reasons »

Join the Legislative Movement

Celiac Advocacy

Contact your member of Congress and encourage them to support Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York's "National Celiac Awareness" legislation, H. Con. Res. 110.

This bill will help educate our nation's leaders so they can gain a better understanding of the impact this disease has on so many.

Please visit www.americanceliac.org/advocacy.htm for additional information.  Thank you.

 Advocacy News from NFCA
On March 31, 2009, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved House Resolution 153 with a unanimous vote of 196-0 designating the month of April 2009 as "Celiac Disease Awareness Month" in Pennsylvania.  With this decision, we have a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about Celiac Disease and the need for many people facing symptoms to get diagnosed.  

You can read the resolution on the General Assembly of Pennsylvania website.
Help us keep the momentum going! 

If you live in Pennsylvania, visit the PA state website for a register of the votes cast. Write or call your state representative to thank them for their kind support.  Use this as an opportunity to further educate them on the disease and ask for them to help raise more awareness among their colleagues here in the state and in the federal government.  
If you live in another state, you also can help spread the word. 

To help create more awareness nationwide, please take a moment to take action today by contacting your state representative and ask them to sponsor a similar resolution in your state focusing on May 2009 and beyond as Celiac Awareness Month.  With your help, we can continue to spread the important message that Celiac Disease affects many Americans yet many remain undiagnosed. 


The selection of the month of April 2009 as ‘Celiac Disease Awareness Month’ in Pennsylvania was a decision made entirely by the Pennsylvania State House Legislature. Pennsylvania HR 153 designates an official celiac awareness month for the year of 2009 only.

While a consensus has yet to be reached, the months of May and October are generally recognized as the official celiac disease awareness months nationally. Pennsylvania HR 153 does not conflict or compete with these national celiac disease awareness months in any way. NFCA hopes a resolution can be made to officially recognize May as the National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, as the international celiac community has already adopted said month.

NFCA values any opportunity that leads to greater knowledge and awareness of celiac disease, and heartily supports Pennsylvania HR 153. NFCA will continue to commend and support any and all efforts to bring recognition to the most common and most undiagnosed autoimmune disorder in the United States.

Advocacy News from New Hampshire

We are pleased to announce that on April 6, 2009, New Hampshire Governor John H. Lynch proclaimed May 2009 as Celiac Awareness Month.  

To read the proclamation, go to the American Celiac Disease Alliance website at www.americanceliac.org.



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