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Away to Donate

You can donate to a great cause without spending a dime!  Here's how:

Next time you're booking a trip, whether it's for business or fun, book using Away to Donate.  That's it!

Every time you book through Away to Donate, a portion of your payment will be donated to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA).  The best part?  There is no rate increase for you as the trip purchaser.  Away to Donate promises to offer the same competitive pricing and excellent service you would expect from any major online travel site.  The only difference is a portion of the money you spend will be given to charity, all at no extra cost to you.  When you book through Away to Donate, you are actually using the travel booking engine, Orbitz. 

Book your trip through Away to Donate now.


The Side by Side Comparison

Whether you book through Orbitz or Away to Donate, the prices are exactly the same.  Booking through Away to Donate is an easy way to support NFCA financially without adding to your own expense.

Away to Donate

Away to Donate



Away to Donate is a mission-based organization dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise the funds needed to support their programs and services. 


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