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The Nourish Chef is no longer taking questions. You can view archived answers below. For more great advice and on staying healthy and happy on a Gluten-Free diet visit our current diet advice blog Ask the Dietitian.

Linda Simon, RD

Linda SimonLinda Simon, registered dietitian and certified personal chef.

Linda Simon is a true believer in great tasting healthy meals. She knows that eating well is the very best health insurance. For many years, she has provided practical education and delicious meals for people with multiple health concerns. These include gluten intolerance, diabetes, heart and vascular problems, cancer, kidney disease, and weight management. Linda wants to teach you how to simply nourish your self and your family. She knows you need easy, inexpensive, and friendly recipes. And it is not too much to ask for variety too.

The Nourish column in the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness monthly newsletter focuses on simple, healthy gluten free cooking. Linda Simon writes this column. Be sure to subscribe to see each informative issue. Ask cooking and nutrition questions here. Linda Simon will do her best to answer every question. And your concern may even become a topic for a future column.

Questions from visitors:

Sharon asks:

"I am trying to make bisicut with millet flour. Right now I can't have yeast, sugar and milk. Do you have a good recipe, one where it doesn't crumble. "


I might have a recipe that will work for you. It is attached (download recipe). It has buttermilk in it though. You could try substituting other milks and omitting the baking soda. I haven't tried that, the milk subs are thinner in consistency though. I might effect the dough.

I've recently learned about amazake (also spelled amasake). It is a fermented rice beverage, thick like buttermilk. And it is sweet from the fermentation, no sugar is added. This might go very well with the strong flavor of millet flour. Please let me know if you try any milk substitutes and how you like it. You would be doing all gf folks a service.

Thanks for the question,
Linda Simon


Got a question about gluten-free cooking? Visit our Ask the Dietitian Blog.



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