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Gluten-Free Olympian Becomes Official Spokesperson for Crunchmaster

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NFCA GREAT Business Association member Crunchmaster, known for its gluten-free crackers and crisps, recently announced its partnership with Dana Vollmer, a U.S. Olympic swimmer heading to the 2012 games in London. 

After discovering she has non-celiac gluten-sensitivity, Vollmer adopted the gluten-free diet and hasn’t looked back, despite the difficulties some gluten-free athletes experience when changing their carb-heavy diet (often adopted for energy and endurance).  “The changes in my diet have been fantastic and I feel stronger than ever,” she said. 

Vollmer noted that maintaining the gluten-free diet while traveling can be difficult, so she is excited to partner with the brand that has made eating on the road easier for her.  Crunchmaster is equally as enthusiastic about the partnership; they are thrilled their crackers have become a part of her diet while she is training for the 2012 Olympic games. 

Vollmer will also be featured in upcoming promotions and advertisements for the crackers. 

Crunchmaster will be cheering for their new spokesperson as she goes for gold this summer. Visit PRNewswire to see their official announcement of the partnership. 

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