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Athlete for Awareness Peter Bronski Completes the 2012 Finger Lakes Fifties Ultramarathon

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The 4th of July marked the halfway point in Peter Bronski’s marathon season.  His latest challenge was the 2012 Finger Lakes Fifties Ultramarathon, a grueling run around the Finger Lakes that includes 50K and 50-mile tracks.  This race presented unique challenges for Peter, but he overcame them to finish in 11th place out of 116 runners in the 50K race.

As a gluten-free athlete, Peter faces additional challenges in fueling up for a race.  This ultramarathon was particularly tough as the organizers didn’t permit runners to have an aid station crew.  For Peter, his wife has always served as his crew so he could have gluten-free options to help him complete his race.  Thankfully, race organizers understood that the Fig Newtons and pretzels at the aid station wouldn’t be an option for Peter and they ensured he had his own box of snacks at each station to help him stay fueled throughout the run. 

With the gluten-free challenge taken care of, Peter had to face the challenge of less than ideal conditions for the rest of the race.  Temperatures were in the upper 90s, making the already difficult run that much harder.  Having climbed 1,800 vertical feet up Mount Monadnock just a week before the ultramarathon, Peter dealt with fatigue and heavy legs.  Rolled ankles because of uneven terrain from cow tracks presented an issue, but he was able to fight through it and still have an impressive finish.

Next up in his ultramarathon adventures is the Escarpment Trail Run in the Catskill Mountains at the end of the month.  The 3rd Annual Gluten-Free Ultramarathon Challenge benefitting NFCA is right around the corner as well.  We’re excited to report that Peter is 42% of the way toward his goal of raising $5,000 for NFCA. 

There’s some great footage of Peter running in the Finger Lakes 2012 Ultramarathon- check it out!  Great job Peter and good luck in your next challenge!

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