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Gluten-Free Food Rises to No. 8 Restaurant Trend for 2011


Think this year was big on gluten-free food? Get ready for 2011.

The National Restaurant Association just released the results of its annual survey of chefs, including the Top 20 Trends for 2011. "Gluten-free food and being food allergy conscious" is No. 8 on the list, up one spot from 2010, when it was ranked the No. 9 trend. Gluten-free also ranked No. 4 in the Culinary Themes subcategory.

Of the more than 1,500 chefs who responded, all members of the American Culinary Federation, 78% said gluten-free was a "Hot" trend, while 12% dubbed it "Yesterday's News." The remaining 10% of chefs called gluten-free "A Perennial Favorite."

Gluten-free beer dropped in popularity. Fifty-eight percent of chefs considered it "Hot" for 2011, compared to 60% of respondents in 2010.

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