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Gluten-Free Blogger Takes to the Airwaves to Correct and Inform


Radio DJ Joe Kelly created quite a stir through his blog post last week, No Gluten Free for Me.  In his post, which has since been updated, the Cat Country 107.3 jockey dismissed the need for gluten-free options, noting “Honestly, I have no idea what gluten is and why all of a sudden it’s terribly bad for you.”

Always keeping a watchful eye on local gluten-free and celiac news, Michael Savett of Gluten Free Philly followed up with Kelly to explain exactly what the medically necessary gluten-free diet is all about.  After apologizing for offending some readers of his blog, Kelly invited Savett to the show to set the record straight. 

NFCA applauds Michael Savett for his efforts in continuing to raise celiac awareness.  To hear what Savett had to say about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, visit the Cat Country 107.3 radio archives.  

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