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Meredith Graham (Gluten-Free College Girl)

Junior at The College of William and MaryMeredith Graham - Gluten-Free College Girl

Blogs at: Gluten-Free College Girl

Find her on Twitter: @glutenfreecgirl

Gluten-free for: 2 years

Why she’s gluten-free: I am gluten-free because of constant stomach problems.  When I went to college I developed a terrible rash that kept me awake at night.  It would not go away after many creams, medications, and changes in soap and detergent.  Finally, my dermatologist suggested the gluten-free diet.  It cleared up my rashes, stomach problems, and eczema.  Since I waited too long to take the celiac test, I will never know if I actually have the disease, but my doctors seem to assume that I have celiac disease. 

Career ambitions: I am interested in continuing my musical education by going to graduate school for musicology.

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