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Gluten Free Community and Events

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* Learn how to list your event on CeliacCentral.org


Upcoming Events

NFCA always has something in the works. Whether it’s an awareness event, fundraiser or cooking spree, we want you to attend! Check here often so you always know what’s up in your area.

Free Webinars

Sign up to get tips on navigating the gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks to our generous sponsors, these Webinars are free of charge!

NFCA Social Media

Find NFCA on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Inspire. Plus, discover ways you can support the cause through social networking and online fundraising.

Gluten-Free Bloggers

Sometimes, it takes one to know one. These bloggers are following the gluten-free lifestyle, or supporting those who do. Follow these blogs for gluten-free recipes, wellness advice and personal stories you can relate to.

Contests & Giveaways

Throughout the year, NFCA hosts a number of gluten-free giveaways and contests with fantastic prizes from our generous sponsors. Find out what you can win this month.


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