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Shipping Details for Vendors


Packages may be shipped to:

  • FedEx:  216 S. 16th Street Navy Yard (located inside the Navy Yard).
  • UPS:  15 E. Oregon Avenue
  • Post Office:  Point Breeze, 1713 S. Broad Street (additional post offices are located within a 2-mile radius of the venue)

Pre-Shipping:  Available – Saturday, October 23rd ONLY!!

Label Packages and Ship to:

Attention: JOHN
5100 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19112

Load in and Load out:

Load-in: (4) hours prior to event start time on Sunday, 10/24/10.
Event time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Load-out: Immediately following the end of event.

Services and On-Site Labor:

1.    Delivery of Shipped Products and Material to Vendor Booth:

This service includes:
Moving the Vendors Products/Materials to booth only. It DOES NOT include unpacking and set-up for the vendor; however, that service is offered and quoted based on the scope of service required. Please call for additional information if you are interested in this service.

  • $100 minimum for the first Pallet.
  • $50 for each additional Pallet after.

2.    Hand Truck/Cart Assistance for Vendors:

This service is for smaller loads from cars, small trucks – not for pallet-size deliveries.

  • $50 minimum for the first hand truck/cart delivery.
  • $35 for each additional delivery after.

Internet Access at Venue:

Internet access is by wireless card only. These can be purchased through your monthly cell phone provider.

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