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GREAT Gluten-Free Kitchens

Restaurant & Foodservice Professionals: We have a microsite for GREAT Kitchens and GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps to address your questions.  Head here.

Education is the difference between a "gluten-friendly" meal and a safe gluten-free meal.

We know how challenging it can be to dine out. You shouldn't have to miss out on this social experience, just because you need to maintain a gluten-free diet.

Since 2009, NFCA has been training restaurants and schools across the country in safe gluten-free food preparation.  From the list below, you'll see that we've educated many professionals - but it's not enough. You're still getting sick. 

Let's end the cycle of getting glutened and missing out on all the fun.  Donate now to keep the GREAT Kitchens and GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps program going strong.  With your help, we'll be able to amplify your voice and tell restaurants: We're #SickofGettingGlutened.

An anonymous donor will match each dollar donated in support of the GREAT Kitchens and GREAT Schools, Colleges and Camps program, up to $25,000.

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Meet just a few of the chefs who really understand what gluten-free means and learn how GREAT Kitchens keeps the celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities safe.


Accredited GREAT Kitchens

The following locations have taken the pledge to become GREAT Kitchens and uphold GREAT Kitchens standards​. In addition to successfully completing GREAT Kitchens training they have also​ trained their staff, verified ingredients, and​ implemented safe gluten-free protocols, earning them the distinction of an accredited ​GREAT Kitchen.

   Look for the GREAT logo on the door, menu, or website.

Note: GREAT Kitchens is a location-specific training program. For restaurants with multiple locations, it is important to confirm that training has been completed at the location you plan to visit. Due to possible changes in staff and/or management, it is recommended that you contact the restaurant to confirm that gluten-free protocols are still in place.

GREAT Kitchens Trainees

At least one person in these locations has taken the GREAT Kitchens training. Locations marked with a have earned the GREAT Kitchens Status by successfully completing training and implementing safe gluten-free protocols.


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