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Gluten-Free Dining

Dining out can be challenging, especially after a new celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity') diagnosis.  But, with the right tips, tools and preparation, you can safely dine out again. 

How do you explain to a restaurant that you're gluten-free? Telling your server is an important first step, but it can also help to have a resource to make sure that the restaurant understands how to proceed once you make that gluten-free request.

This tip sheet – “Dining Out Tips from NFCA” – walks you through a number of important questions that can help you determine if a restaurant is properly prepared to meet your gluten-free needs. This guide cannot guarantee a safe meal, but it can help you feel more confident and comfortable when speaking with the staff about their gluten-free options.

Bonus: On the right hand side of the sheet, there is a slip you can sign, tear off and leave with the restaurant to recommend that they get gluten-free training.

Download: Gluten-Free Dining Out Tips from NFCA

Want more dining tips? Get advice from the experts.

Gluten-Free Dining Out Card from NFCA


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