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Celiac Disease Terms Not Recommended for Use

The following terms have been previously used to describe conditions in the spectrum of gluten-related disorders. In 2012, a group of international celiac disease experts recommended that these terms be discouraged from use. The Gluten-Related Disorders Collaborative, which consists of the leading US patient advocacy organizations focusing on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, agrees with the researchers and is now working to retire the following bolded terms. 

See a glossary of recommended terms.

Atypical celiac disease: Atypical celiac disease can only be used in reference to typical celiac disease (see below).

Gluten intolerance: The term gluten intolerance should not be used; gluten-related disorders be used instead.

Silent celiac disease: Silent celiac disease is equivalent to asymptomatic celiac disease; the latter term is recommended.

Typical celiac disease: ‘Typical’ implies that the clinical presentation of celiac disease is consistent when in fact it has changed over time, with symptoms once thought atypical now more common. 

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