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Gluten-Free: The Thrill of the Choice


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Picture yourself at the grocery store.

Do you typically keep your head down, grab the same things, and hit the checkout as fast as you can? Well, that may have worked back when gluten-free options were limited, but now you’re missing out on a whole lot of delicious foods.

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To help you branch out, we’re celebrating “The Thrill of the Choice” with a series of articles on gluten-free foods found all around the grocery store, or in some cases, down the gluten-free aisle. The celebration is sponsored by The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., which just launched a new website at GlutenFreeChoices.com.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Gluten-Free Giveaway

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Find out how you can enter to win a prize pack from The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. valued at $100. Enter the Thrill of the Choice giveaway.

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Alternative Appetites Blogger Challenge

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NFCA has issued a special challenge to gluten-free bloggers: Watch our latest Alternative Appetites video, try the recipe at home, and tell us what you think. At stake is a rare chance to get a one-on-one cooking consultation with Dan Kohler, the host of NFCA’s Alternative Appetites.

Learn more about the challenge.

Watch the latest Alternative Appetites gluten-free cooking videos:

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