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Gluten Free (and Casein Free) Crepes


The recipe below has worked every time we tried it, takes minutes to whip out and it is very good.

The first time we made it, I left out the sweet stuff and wrapped the crepes around ham and onions. The second time, we made them with all of the sweet stuff left in, wrapped around blueberries and topped with a little honey. Delicious!

4 large eggs
1 C milk (rice, almond, or soy may be used)
2 T butter, melted ( we used Earth Balance)
3/4 C GF flour mixture
1 tsp vanilla
1 T brown sugar
pinch of salt

In medium bowl mix eggs, milk, and vanilla. In a crepe pan, melt butter and add to egg mixture whisking vigorously. Make sure the butter is not too hot so that it doesn't cook the milk and eggs. Add dry ingredients to liquid and whisk again.

In hot crepe pan pour about 1/4 C mixture and swirl to coat pan. Cook both sides. You'll need to re-whisk mixture before pouring next crepe into pan.

Yields about 12 crepes. Once cooled store in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator.

GF FLOUR MIXTURE 2 C brown rice flour
2 C white rice flour
1 1/3 C potato starch
2/3 tapioca flour

Mix together and store in freezer.

Some notes on the recipe:

Susan noted that she has made these in a 10" skillet to use as tortillas and it worked great. She also uses them for sandwich wraps, breakfast & regular burritos, and dessert. For dessert she fills them with chocolate chips and strawberry jam or pie filling and whipped cream.

I have never made crepes before and do not own a crepe pan - I made them in a small skillet and they worked great. In addition, the first time I made them I just used the GF flour mixture that I had in my bin, and they worked great so I think these are pretty easily adaptable to any GF flour mixture.

For many more delicious recipes like this one visit Gluten Free Mom

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