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Cauldron Cakes for Halloween


Gluten-Free Chocolate Cauldron Cakes


  • Your favorite gluten-free chocolate cupcake and icing recipe
  • Your favorite gluten-free chocolate


  1. Dip the bottoms into melted chocolate and place onto parchment paper to set.  Place 4 chips on the sheet so when you sent them down it will make it look like cauldron feet.
  2. Core out the center of the cupcakes with a spoon or one of those cool corers.
  3. Fill the hole with icing and let it spill out the top.
  4. Make the handles by melting chocolate.  Put it into a plastic baggie and snip the corner to make a piping bag.  Draw the handles onto parchment paper and let them harden. Gently push the handles into the cupcake.


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