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Antipasto Platter

From Chef Oonagh Williams of Royal Temptations Catering

Gluten-free Antipasto Platter

This is one of my favorite appetizers for parties. Simply arrange the following on a nice platter or tray.

Sliced Italian meats - My supermarket carries two brands of Italian-style sliced meats, labeled gluten-free and in sealed packaging (no need to worry about a deli slicer). One brand even offers a packet of a variety of salamis that are excellent for an antipasto platter.

Artichokes - I don’t buy the jars of marinated artichokes, I find they are far too vinegary for my taste, so I prefer to drain a jar of regular, in brine, quartered artichoke hearts and leave them in homemade vinaigrette or a store-bought gluten-free Italian dressing that’s not too vinegary.

Freshly roasted red bell peppers - I roast my own in the oven or on the barbecue instead of buying the jars. Once you have tasted freshly roasted bell peppers, you won’t go back to the jars. I also marinate small balls of mozzarella in the same homemade vinaigrette so the background flavors are the same.

Pickled onions - Being British, we love pickled onions with cheese and French bread.  Unfortunately, the pickled onions I used to eat are made with malt vinegar, so we can’t eat that anymore. I make my own:

1. Peel a red or Vidalia onion, quarter it, thinly slice, and separate the slices. 

2. Place onion slices in a glass jar and cover with apple cider vinegar (you can also use red or white wine vinegar). Add ½-1 teaspoon of salt and some pickling spice, if you have it.

3. Cover the jar with non-reactive lid and let set until you’re ready to eat.

Marinated mushroomsSee recipe here.

Gluten-free crostini See recipe here.

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