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Stories of Gratitude

Who has helped you on your path to a diagnosis of celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity')?  Is there a person you'd like to thank for their support?  Tell us about them

Click on the titles below to read Stories of Gratitude already submitted by your fellow community members.

  • Debby's Story of Gratitude


    "My husband Sam has been my biggest supporter since I was diagnosed with celiac disease over seven years ago."


  • Robin's Story of Gratitude

    Story of Gratitude

    "My good friend LA has been my best supporter right from the start."


  • Chandice's Story of Gratitude

    "My husband is my biggest cheerleader, best friend and as cheesy as it sounds, truly the man of my dreams. I am grateful everyday to have not only his love but his support."


  • Christy's Story of Gratitude

    Story of Gratitude

    "My husband has been the biggest supporter and helper along my gluten-free journey thus far."


  • Chandice's Story of Gratitude

    Chandice and Mom
    "My mom was the one who encouraged me to get tested for celiac disease after her own diagnosis. She knew what I had gone through and wanted to see me better."

  • Georgianna's Story of Gratitude

    Georgianna and Michael

    "My husband Michael is my advocate, my cheerleader, and my biggest supporter. I honestly cannot thank him enough for all that he has done, and continues to do."


  • Ewa's Story of Gratitude

    Ewa and JR

    “Thank you, JR, for your unconditional love and support.”



  • Taylor's Story of Gratitude

    Taylor and Breann

    “Thank you to my amazing girlfriend, Breann, for understanding my health and diet unlike anyone else. No one else my age seems to understand, but you’re the one person that does, which means so much to me.”



  • Jennifer North's Story of Gratitude

    Reba Necky

    "Only a few days after my daughter's diagnosis, we were lucky to be introduced to Reba, who was kind enough to invite us into her home where we spent the day cooking, baking and sampling."


  • Bridget's Story of Gratitude

    Story of Gratitude

    "My husband, Joseph, is my guardian against gluten!"



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