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Stories of Gratitude

Mary's Story of Gratitude

Mary Anderson and FamilyMy story of love and gratitude goes to my awesome husband Bob and daughter Dani.  I’ve been diagnosed for four years now – but am still having major issues.  I’m sick A LOT because of an unhealing belly and a compromised immune system!  My family has stood behind me and held me up in the midst of the sickness and the healthy times!  They love me for who I am – even if that means we stay home and cook rather than venture out to restaurants (because that is doctor's orders), even if it means they are having to try all of my gluten-free masterpieces in the kitchen that may not be so “great”to the non-gluten-free crowd!

They are the two most patient, funny – they do tend to “mess with me in fun” to lighten the mood – and even when I’m not in the mood to take it, they stand off and just love me for me – disease and all!

I love them both more than I could ever express – for those of us that have this disease, we know that our lives are blessed with those around us that don’t judge, or look at us funny when we bring our own bag of food no matter where we go, or for just being me – it’s survival and my “loves” help me survive every day.  Love you!

- Mary

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