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Stories of Gratitude

Taylor's Story of Gratitude

Since getting diagnosed with celiac disease at age 13, I always found it hard to find someone my age to relate to. I had my own gluten-free blog and met many other people who were gluten-free every day. But the one thing I could never find was somebody my age who could understand my diet and what I went through. Luckily since starting my blog, I actually met my amazing girlfriend, Breann, through it! We are both 16 years old and have been dating for a year now. Little did I know that I would meet such an amazing and supportive person so early on in my life. She’s always been there for me and understood my health unlike anyone else. She makes all the things that would be hard on the gluten-free diet easier.  Without her I wouldn’t be as positive or as happy of a person as I am today. She’s always helped me get through anything and I’ve always been there to help her too. When we are together we can talk about anything, even the browner effects of getting glutened! (If you know what I mean.) I feel like together we are a team, no matter how young we are, we can overcome anything. Having someone to relate to as a teenager means the world to me and nothing makes me feel more grateful than to have it be Breann. She’s always been my biggest supporter and I just feel so thankful and blessed to have her by my side each day.

Taylor and Breann


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