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Stories of Gratitude

Chandice's Story of Gratitude

My ultimate GFF or Gluten-free Friend Forever is my amazing mom. She is my very best girlfriend and someone I love dearly. She is the greatest example of the kind of woman I want to become. My mom was the one who encouraged me to get tested for celiac disease after her own diagnosis. She knew what I had gone through and wanted to see me better. Once diagnosed, she never once complained or said a negative thing. As the tough ol’ bird she is, she stood taller and reminded me that we were in this together. From that point forward she made all meals gluten-free and they were amazing! Even our annual Thanksgiving dinner in which she plays host (because her cooking is out of this world!), she re-invented all of her old recipes to accommodate our gluten-free lifestyle. We always have AT LEAST a dozen gluten-free pies, plus the few non-gluten free that guests bring (kept away from our gluten-free goodness ;)). Can you guess which ones get gobbled up first? Yep, mom’s gluten-free pies!

Chandice and Mom

She has always been my biggest fan and right by my side through this huge lifestyle change. She taught me that we should embrace this lifestyle and find the joy that can be found in living gluten-free. For that, and so many other things, I thank her and love her more than words could ever describe.

- Chandice

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