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Stories of Gratitude

Christy's Story of Gratitude

My husband has been the biggest supporter and helper along my gluten-free journey thus far. :)

He's the only person in my family who has helped actually; my mother and brothers each continually ask me to bring my "own food" to Sunday & holiday dinners! To this day it infuriates me so much so that I stopped going to the family dinners.

My husband, however, has been a god-send. While we were dating he was always mixing together various gluten-free flours to make the perfect chicken crust on fried chicken or experimenting with odd gluten-free flours (even on nights when I was away). He would also randomly search the internet for gluten-free recipe ideas and tried several attempts at gluten-free biscuits. For Christmas one year, he bought me a bread maker which had a special "GF" bake setting. Together we tried several bread recipes until we found "the perfect bread." He even helped me do research when I was looking for a grinder so I could mill my own flours; we both decided on the NutraMill in the end. It was the best for what I could afford.

Most recently, my husband has been an advocate for me to try goats milk since I'm allergic to dairy as well. Low and behold, I can tolerate it! So, since our youngest son and I are both allergic to dairy but can drink goats milk, my husband is helping me convert part of our barn so we can get milk goats and have a milking station.

This man is amazing in so many ways, but he's also the reason I've discovered so many gluten-free resources that save me time and money. Although he still sometimes asks me if I can bake him a "regular cake," I think I can let that slide and grant his request (so long as I wear gloves when making it) after all he's done for me!

I love that man so much!

- Christy

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