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Stories of Gratitude

Chandice's Story of Gratitude

My life wouldn't be complete without my sweetheart by my side and this goes for my gluten-free life as well. After a few years of being married my husband and I were ready to try for children but I was having so many stomach issues that we didn't know what were caused by. After ER visits in which my husband nearly carried me in out of the shear pain I was in, and being told it was just really bad ulcers as well as one misdiagnosis after another, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. We were told upon diagnosis that I needed to be strictly gluten-free for at least one year before getting pregnant as to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible and time for my body to heal. My husband never once complained. In fact, he jumped right in creating recipes and dishes that I could eat. I still love to this day that the first recipe I ever featured on Gluten Free Frenzy - the one he created for me, Jash. Hash but with his "Josh" twist. This has become a family favorite dish and one that got me through that first year of being gluten-free hands down.

Chandice and Husband

In addition to cooking for me and now our two boys, he has even developed gluten-free traditions in our home. No Saturday would be complete without a big batch of his delicious gluten-free pancakes. Josh has also been the man behind the curtain for Gluten Free Frenzy as he helps me keep it up and running, does coding and design when needed. When I said I wanted to start a support group in my area, he was there with me at the meetings then helping with the boys so I could go. Sports is a passion of his so I decided it would be fun to combine what I love, celiac awareness and his love, sports to create Celiac Awareness Nights with athletic teams around the nation. He not only cheered me on but developed the Gluten Free Calendar website to facilitate the goals we had for this project. His talents helped me start that business and spread celiac awareness nationwide. He designs the yearly print gluten-free calendar that features 12 amazing celiac disease & gluten-free advocates like NFCA's own Alice Bast. I literally wouldn't have done any of the things I have without his continued love and support. He is my biggest cheerleader, best friend and as cheesy (but if you know me, you know I am a big cheeseball) as it sounds, truly the man of my dreams. I am grateful everyday to have not only his love but his support.

- Chandice
Gluten Free Frenzy

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