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Stories of Gratitude

Who has helped you on your path to a diagnosis of celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity')?  Is there a person you'd like to thank for their support?  Tell us about them! 

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Click on the titles below to read Stories of Gratitude already submitted by your fellow community members.

  • Candice's Story of Gratitude

    Candice and Heather
    "I am so thankful to have someone that I can relate to, someone that will get equally excited about a new gluten-free baking creation, and someone that I can always count on to have my back!"

  • Alex's Story of Gratitude

    Alex and Mom
    "I'm so happy to share my story and be able to express my sincerest thanks to my mom!"


  • Cristina's Story of Gratitude

    Cristina and Craig

    "Thank you to my husband Craig. He is patient, generous and helpful."


  • Erin's Story of Gratitude

    Erin and Jessica

    "I am thanking my sister for her support and for being a fellow 'celiac.'"

  • Connie's Story of Gratitude

    Connie and Wade
    "Thank you my dear husband Wade for loving me so much that you too gave up the gluten laden food."


  • Barbara and Angela's Story of Gratitude

    Angela and Marco

    "My daughter Angela (10 years old) would like to thank her 8 year old brother, Marco, for supporting her new lifestyle ever since she was diagnosed with celiac disease."

  • Cassie's Story of Gratitude

    Cassie and Nicole

    "My daughter Nicole and I have adapted together, dragged our family along, and lean on each other every day."


  • Lauren's Story of Gratitude

    Lauren and Mom

    "My mom has supported me through the research, the trials and errors, and all of the medical issues that have come with this diagnosis."


  • Paul's Story of Gratitude

    Paul and Fiance
    "My fiancé and I now share and embrace gluten-free cooking and eating out together and without her, I don't think I would be alive today." 

  • Sema's Story of Gratitude

    Sema and Tove

    "My mom has been my advocate and rock since I was diagnosed."

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