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What is GREAT Kitchens?

What is GREAT Kitchens?

GREAT Kitchens is a gluten-free industry initiative of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). This comprehensive course teaches the essentials of gluten-free food preparation and cross-contamination avoidance – skills that are critical for serving customers with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

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How can I make my restaurant a GREAT Kitchen?

Professionals who complete the 5-module package will be eligible for GREAT Kitchens recognition. NFCA welcomes foodservice professionals who wish to take individual modules as a form of enrichment, but cannot grant GREAT Kitchens recognition due to the comprehensive knowledge and understanding that is required in proper gluten-free food preparation.

Foodservice professionals who complete the 5-module package can apply to become a GREAT Kitchen. This entails pledging to carry out the steps and protocols outlined in the Implementation learning module. Restaurants that complete this step will receive a GREAT Kitchens sticker to display in their window and will be listed on CeliacCentral.org/Kitchens

Why should my restaurant become a GREAT Kitchen?

While it’s easy to order gluten-free bread and boxes of rice pasta, there’s more to gluten-free needs than meets the eye.  The way you and your staff store, prepare and serve that food will determine whether the final dish truly is gluten-free.

Restaurants that take the extra step to become a GREAT Kitchen will be rewarded for their attention to gluten-free needs. Celiac and gluten sensitive diners are a highly loyal and vocal customer base. They not only make the decisions about where to eat, but they also spread the word about positive dining experiences.

As a GREAT Kitchen, your restaurant will stand apart from other restaurants serving “gluten-free” without the proper training and knowledge to back up their claims. 

How much does GREAT Kitchens cost?

GREAT Kitchens training costs $50 for Standard Courses $100 for Management Courses.

Restaurants that wish to be recognized as a GREAT Kitchen must complete GREAT Kitchens training and submit a $200 administrative fee along with the required paperwork. (The required forms and checklists are included in the downloadable materials provided with GREAT Kitchens training.)

Program approved by the American Culinary Federation for 6 continuing education hours.

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