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GREAT Healthcare: Celiac and Gluten-Free Training

Welcome to GREAT Healthcare!

GREAT Healthcare is an online enduring medical education program. There are multiple modules, each tailored for different disciplines. 

GREAT Healthcare

Continuing Education Modules

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 Why is GREAT Healthcare needed?

  • Celiac disease affects one of every 133 people in the United States, or 1 percent of the population.
  • The incidence of celiac disease has increased fourfold in the past 50 years.
  • An estimated 3 million people are afflicted with celiac disease, but 83 percent of them are undiagnosed.
  • Overlooking or inadequately treating celiac disease can increase the risk of death. 

Once diagnosed, people with celiac disease are challenged living a gluten-free lifestyle. Gluten is often hidden in additives, binders, flavorings and medications. Patients admitted for the simplest procedures find their health can be seriously compromised by exposure to gluten within a healthcare setting.

GREAT Goals:

  1. To improve the rate of diagnosis by increasing awareness of celiac disease and its many manifestations.

  2. To promote appropriate care of the person diagnosed with celiac disease, including support and follow-up services and implementation of the gluten-free diet.


Program contact:
Kristin Voorhees
NFCA Healthcare Relations Manager

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