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GREAT Mental Health

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GREAT Mental Health includes professionals working in the behavioral health field as part of the healthcare team, empowered to diagnose those with celiac disease and support them with the gluten-free diet. Typically those serving people with mental health disorders are overlooked, or they only receive generic information about the disorder.

Celiac, a disease of malabsorption, can manifest neurologically. Symptoms of the undiagnosed may include depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders and more. In addition to content designed to help identify the undiagnosed patient, GREAT Mental Health provides the learner with a thorough understanding of the emotional affect many people with celiac disease experience. This comprehensive approach gives the provider the content expertise needed to successfully meet his or her patients’ needs.

After completing this training program, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the prevalence of celiac disease and how it is manifested.
  2. Explain how untreated celiac disease may affect one’s mental health.
  3. Name the methodologies of diagnosis.
  4. List techniques to partner successfully with the medical team to facilitate a diagnosis.
  5. Explain how the management of a restricted diet may affect one’s emotional health.
  6. Apply techniques to support the maintenance of a gluten-free diet in a healthcare setting.
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