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Test Your Gluten-Free IQ

Do you have a gluten-free menu at your restaurant? Are you considering adding gluten-free options to your menu?

Test your knowledge of gluten-free ingredients and protocols with these questions from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). Then, find out more about gluten-free training through NFCA's GREAT Kitchens program.

1. What is the estimated number of Americans who have gluten-related disorders?

a. 13 million

b. 50 million

c. 3 million

d. 21 million

2.   Gluten is a protein found in which three grains?

a. Wheat, rice, buckwheat

b. Millet, quinoa, wheat

c. Wheat, rye, barley

3.  What kind of oats are suitable to use on a gluten-free menu?

a. Steel-cut

b. Irish

c. Organic

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

4.  It is safe to cook gluten-free pancakes on the same griddle as buttermilk pancakes.



5. What type of flavoring contains barley and can be hidden in processed foods?

a. vanilla

b. malt

c. MSG


Bonus Question:

How many restaurant visits last year included “gluten-free” or “wheat-free” requests? (Source: The NPD Group)

a. Less than 5 million

b. 50 million

c. 100 million

d. Over 200 million



1. d

2. c

3. e (Only certified gluten-free oats should be used, and they must be called out on the menu.)

4. False. (Gluten cannot be killed with heat. A separate, clean griddle should be used.)

5. b

Bonus: d

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