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Renewing Your GREAT Kitchens Training

Thank you for taking the first step in renewing your GREAT Kitchens gluten-free training. Here, we will show you what's new about the updated program and how to register for a renewal.

New Features

  • Interactive Presentations: We created 5 new multimedia modules, including interactive questions throughout.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The new course makes it easier to register, manage your courses and review your results. The system will walk you through it step-by-step.
  • New Manual: The downloadable GREAT Kitchens Manual has been updated and now includes an appendix with simple-to-use checklists and resources, including a special supplement on food allergies and allergen safety.
  • Mobile App and Website Listings: GREAT Kitchens are distinguished with the mark of the GREAT Kitchens logo in listings on Find Me Gluten-Free and the Gluten-Free Travel Site. You will also have the option to be listed on AllergyEats.

Did You Know?

Restaurants associated with GREAT Kitchens enjoy a 300% increase in click through rates and 200% increase in directions downloads - That’s twice as many people who are looking for gluten-free menu items driving directly to your door.


Steps to Renew Your GREAT Kitchens Gluten-Free Training

1. You must register for the new version of GREAT Kitchens by May 1, 2013 in order to express your interest in maintaining GREAT Kitchens status.

Those who do not register by that date will be removed from the list of GREAT Kitchens on CeliacCentral.org and partner sites.

2. Once you have completed GREAT Kitchens, train the entire staff in gluten-free protocols. You can do this by following the “train-the-trainer” model or by registering for additional online logins for staff members.

3. After completing the new version of GREAT Kitchens, you will be invited to apply for GREAT Kitchens status. Restaurants must be approved for GREAT Kitchens status in order to be listed on CeliacCentral.org and partner sites, as well as referenced in press releases that will be issued throughout 2013.

You must complete training and apply for GREAT Kitchens status by June 1, 2013 in order to maintain your listing on CeliacCentral.org and partner sites.

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