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Gluten-Free Holiday Cooking

Holiday Cooking Question #1

Holiday Cooking Question 1

Turkey, of course, is naturally gluten-free, and your safest best is to look for an all-natural bird with no added ingredients. It’s the additions that can get you into trouble. Steer clear of basted or self-basted products, because the extra ingredients can contain gluten in the broth, stock, flavor enhancers or seasonings used. And do not use any flavoring packets or gravies that come with the turkey. As with other food, be sure to read the label carefully. To be very safe, you can check out the brand’s website. Most will let you know which of their products are gluten-free. I use an organic turkey, which is not only gluten free, but it’s healthier and delicious too.

Do not eat turkey that has been stuffed with a gluten-containing stuffing (most standard stuffings), because the gluten could get spread over the turkey during preparation, roasting, carving and serving.

I like to thicken my gravy with rice flour: 6 tablespoons rice flour for 5 cups turkey broth or stock.  I cook the flour in butter and/or turkey fat for about 4 minutes before adding the liquid. Check here for my make-ahead gluten-free gravy. The meal will be easier to pull together when the gravy is prepared before guests arrive. Because the gluten-free flour mixes are all different, it’s difficult to give one recipe that will work for all.

Follow these guidelines and you won’t feel any sense of deprivation!

- Kristine Kidd
Former food editor of Bon Appetit magazine, owner of KristineKidd.com

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