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Gluten-Free Holiday Cooking

Holiday Cooking Question #4

Holiday Cooking Question 4

Two things...

One: Get exercise daily. Park your car far away from the maddening crowds and take a brisk walk while shopping at the mall, or simply enjoy an evening stroll around your neighborhood to take in all the sparkling holiday lights!

Two: Whatever you do, do not plan to start a “diet” on January 1.  What tends to happen with most people who adopt an “I can eat whatever I want now, because I’m going to start eating better in the new year” mentality, is that they tend to go way overboard during the holidays by eating and drinking even more than usual (the feast) in order to prepare for their diet (the famine).

A far better approach is to take small steps to start eating healthier today (more veggies anyone?), while still enjoying the holiday treats of the season.  And trust me, when you know, that come January 1, you can still enjoy your favorite treats year-round, you’ll be far less likely to overindulge over the holidays!

Wishing you and your families, healthy holidays and a happy new year!

- EA Stewart
The Spicy RD

Thai Kitchen Tip

Leading up to the holidays, make dishes that can easily have lots of veggies added to them.  Give this Red Curry Shrimp & Vegetables a try!

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Thanks to Thai Kitchen for making this series possible! 

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