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Meet Jill and Stella Brack

Jill has celiac disease and is the founder of Glow Gluten Free Cookies. Stella is her 14-year-old daughter, and she also has celiac!

When Jill Brack and her daughter Stella were diagnosed with celiac disease, Jill started a gluten-free cookie company called Glow Gluten Free. She named it Glow because she wanted everyone to know that being gluten-free is cool, fun and healthy! 

How long have you been gluten-free?

Jill: 7 years

Stella: 5 years

What’s your favorite gluten-free food?

Jill: I eat an apple a day. No joke.

Stella: Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches with Double Chocolate Glow Gluten Free cookies.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done since going gluten-free?

Jill: This year I learned to surf in Costa Rica.

Stella: I made the Honor Roll at school 2 years in a row.

Describe your perfect gluten-free day.

Jill: Rock climbing up in Maine.

Stella: Shopping with my friends in NYC. 

What is your dream for the next generation of gluten-free kids?

Jill: For sandwich choices everywhere to be white, wheat or gluten-free.

Stella: For people to understand that eating differently doesn’t make you different.

If you could tell gluten-free kids one thing, what would it be?

Jill: Being gluten free is a small part of who you are. Find out what you’re good at and GLOW!

Stella: Try different foods all the time and encourage your friends to try gluten free food.

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