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Meet the Manufacturer: Mary's Gone Crackers

Meet the Manufacturer: Mary Waldner of Mary’s Gone Crackers

At the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, we’re all about getting educated, feeling empowered and taking action. That’s just what Mary Waldner did when she learned she has celiac disease. Mary is the Chairman and Founder of Mary’s Gone Crackers, makers of those tasty gluten-free crackers, pretzels, “Crumbs” and cookies.Mary Waldner of Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary’s products are a reflection of her passions. They’re produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they also are made from organic and vegan ingredients and support “conscious eating.”

We wanted to know more about Mary and her advice for the gluten-free community, so we’re putting her in the hot seat. For the next two weeks (Sept. 10-21), we’re featuring a Q&A with Mary each weekday. Then, on Thursday, September 20, you’ll have the chance to ask your questions during a live Facebook Q&A. Details are below!

For more information about Mary's Gone Crackers, visit www.marysgonecrackers.com/

“Ask Mary” Daily Q&A

Mary answers our question of the day, from how she keeps products free from gluten to tips for converting recipes to gluten-free.

“Ask Mary” Live Q&A on Facebook

Learn how to participate and ask Mary your question about gluten-free living on NFCA's Facebook page.

Mary’s Favorite Gluten-Free Recipes

Get links to Mary's top 5 gluten-free meals you can make at home.

Gluten-Free Giveaway

Enter to win a gluten-free prize pack featuring Mary's Gone Crackers products. One winner each week!

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