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Recipe for Empowerment


A healthy lifestyle has been an interest and passion of mine for many years. I became an avid runner during the last two years of high school and around the same time I began to pay extra attention to my food choices. This isn't to say that I hadn't been aware of nutrient dense foods (growing up, soda was never allowed in my house and I've always counted fruit as a favorite snack), but I could sense my body was in need of something and I aspired to fulfill this craving. Within months of initiating my new lifestyle, the symptoms of celiac disease quickly developed and during all four years away at college I spent more time in the doctor's office than I care to count. Although I was in pain, I remained committed to exercise and eating as healthy as possible. At the time I wasn’t aware that the oatmeal and granola were impairing and not fueling my runs.

Today I remain just as dedicated to a wholesome and balanced lifestyle, but with a special, gluten-free twist. Within days after being diagnosed, I felt like a new person, as if my body’s cravings were finally being fulfilled. I immediately became intrigued by anything and everything celiac and gluten-free and knew that there were others needlessly suffering. I was ready to help make a difference.

I've taken my interest in a healthy lifestyle, desire to create change and personal struggle with the too-familiar patient waiting room and molded them into empowerment.  What’s your recipe?

 -Kristin Voorhees
Healthcare Relations Manager
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA)

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