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Thriving Gluten-Free


This is actually about my son. He was sick for months, throwing up every day, making large bowl movements and he had a bloated tummy.  His stomach got so big he could barely fit in his car seat.  The doctors kept telling me it was just the flu.  I went to another doctor who told me it was possibly cystic fibrosis.  I ended up going to eight doctors before Trevor was finally diagnosed.  He was 15 months old.

Once he was diagnosed, his doctors gave me minimal information. He had gotten so weak he still was not walking.  They told me he would need physical therapy, but on the morning of Celiac Awareness Day he took his first steps!  No therapy needed.  

It has been a struggle navigating this on my own, but I’ve gotten a lot of information from celiac disease websites and organizations like the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and the Celiac Disease Center at the University of Chicago.  I also started a Facebook page to help others get information to help make their transition to the gluten-free diet easier.

I am so proud of my little trooper :)

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