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Christine's Story


Christine's Story

My daughter was born with celiac. I didn't know it at the time. After I had her I had a lot of digestion problems, as well as cyst. I felt in my gut feeling that something was wrong with my daughter at 6 months old. I kept hearing my heart tell me not to have her sleep too long during the day just while she takes her nap.

Her doctor noticed that she wasn't gaining any weight. At 6 months she was 19 to 20 pounds. She had colic when she was little I thought that was normal. But she went into the ER for dehydration. I remember how sickly she used to look. Sunken eyes her stomach bloating. I used to pray God show me what is wrong with my daughter. And he did he showed me that she had a digestional problem. But the doctor and I still didn't know what could have caused it. I thought why in our family we have normal babies. What's wrong? I thought her problem could of been related to when I was pregnant with her I had bronchitis my doctor prescribed me Sudafed. I thought that medication gave my daughter low birth weight.

As the years past with my daughter at age 4. She caught the flu we thought. She had diarrhea and throwing up. I took her into the doctor and they sent me home. I had a bad feeling in my gut. I saw no improvement and took her back to the doctor. They immediately admitted her into the ER. After being tanked up she still wasn't doing well. She spent four days in Little Company of Mary hospital. That is where I met her GI, Dr. McCoud. He did a biopsy on her and found she had a leaking gut. My daughters pediatric told us that it was celiac according to the biopsy. Now my daughter is on her new diet. She's doing much better. Thanks to her persistent pediatric Dr. Muchnic. He saved her life.

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