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Landon's Story


My son Landon was just diagnosed with celiac sprue. When he was 2 weeks old, my milk ran out and we had to put him on formula. I knew breast milk was best for a baby, so I felt like I was letting down my son, but I had no choice.

Soon after, Landon started throwing up the formula we gave him. We tried all types and brands of formulas, then took him to a doctor who put him on Similac Alimentum. It helped him a little bit. Then Landon started waking up in the middle of the night crying. His doctor thought it was acid reflux, so she put him on Zantac. It seemed to help for a few nights, but then it stopped working and we took him off the medication.

From the time we put Landon on formula, his bowel movements became very difficult. He screamed every time he had to go to the bathroom. We would have to help him go to the bathroom, and I would cry because there was nothing I could do to help his pain.

We took Landon to a gastroenterologist, who told us everything was normal. This would go on for over a year.

When Landon was 6 months old, he had an X-ray and found out that his bowel movements were extremely backed up. His doctor put him on an adult dose of Miralax to help with his constipation. It helped a lot; sometimes too much. Landon would constantly have diaper blow outs. He went through numerous items of clothing a day.

At Landon’s 12-month check up, we learned that he was very underweight for his age. At 12 months old, he was still wearing 3-6 month old clothes. His doctor put him on Pediasure to boost his weight. We started noticing that when Landon drank the supplement, his bowel movements improved. We took him off Miralax and, at a follow-up appointment, learned that he was doing much better. Landon was gaining weight, having normal bowel movements and sleeping better.

A few months ago, we switched to a pediatrician who was closer to home. She looked over Landon’s case and saw that he was improving on Pediasure. She diagnosed Landon with celiac disease and instructed us to remove all gluten and wheat from his diet.

It has been almost 2 months being off all wheat and gluten, and Landon is doing much better. He is happier and not as fussy.


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