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Amber's Story


When my mom moved next door to us and we started eating more together, we realized the same foods were making her, my son and myself sick.

I made several trips to the emergency room with my 2-year-old son. He would scream when he used the bathroom and was not playing or being active like other kids his age.

I was overweight, tired, constipated and depressed. Yes, I did say overweight - you do not have to be underweight to have celiac disease (it’s a common misconception). Thank goodness for the online information and community because I don’t think I would have discovered what was slowly killing us.

My son’s blood test was negative, but I had him on a gluten-free diet for 3 weeks prior to this test. We are following my doctors advice: "Do not deny success."

We all feel much better and are healthier today. Personally, I have lost 40 pounds since starting a gluten-free diet and am on my way to maintaining a healthy weight.

Note: It is important that you maintain a normal, gluten-containing diet when getting tested for celiac disease. Eliminating gluten before the test could skew results.


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