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Angela's Story


My daughter changed dramatically in 15 months, and we weren't sure why.

This baby girl had an insatiable appetite and would eat anything we gave her.  Hence, we thought her protruding stomach was the result of a wonderful appetite. At night, she would sometimes grow restless, and we assumed she had growing pains. However, this was not the case.

Her excretion was different, so I spoke to my doctor about it. It appeared almost white and pasty. At her next pediatric visit, the doctor suggested that she have a simple blood test to analyze her gliadin levels since she came from a long line of Northern European descendants.

When my husband heard about this possible diagnosis, he grew very concerned. The results of the TTG blood test were positive for celiac disease. To confirm the diagnosis (and our need to go gluten-free), the doctor ordered an endoscopy.

To prepare my daughter for the procedure, I took her to a Child Life specialist at University of California San Francisco, where we did a little bit of medical play with the dolls onsite. Then we each took turns blowing bubbles through an induction mask so she would get used to breathing in the mask before her procedure began.

When it was time for the endoscopy, I tried to comfort her as she sat in my lap. She cried a little as I held her induction mask over her mouth. I also held the practice mask over my mouth and whispered, "Breathe, just like we practiced." It was difficult for a mom, but we finally got answers.

Her confirmed diagnosis after the endoscopy changed the way we eat as a family. Her twin brother was diagnosed a year after her.

I have learned a lot as a mom taking care of kids with Celiac and I am always trying to learn more. I decided to blog about my findings to keep myself organized, so glutenfreeteacups.blogspot.com was born. I hope our gluten-free adventures can help other moms and dads taking care of children with gluten intolerance.

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