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Stacey's Story


My daughter Holley had stomach problems from the time she was born.  Difficulty with digestion, colon problems, constipation and diarrhea, and much more.  She is 11 years old today. For the past 2 years she has missed a great deal of school and has had "chronic mononucleosis."  She has had numerous growth plate bone fractures as well as cavities in her teeth.

Holley had her gallbladder removed last summer at age 10.  She was been taken to one of the best hospitals in our area, and had every kind of diagnostic test for stomach, intestine and colon.  Her colonoscopy and stomach showed gastritis and IBS. Her blood work was normal. She was treated with medication that caused weight gain and stomach irritation. We changed it to other meds, and her chronic diarrhea episodes subsided enough for her to try to go back to school after missing over 3 months straight.

I finally decided to see what difference it would make to go on a gluten-free diet, so we went to a nutritionist. My husband and I saw a difference in a matter of days. My daughter is starting to act like other kids her age! She has more energy, dances around the house, is playing basketball, and exhibits better emotional behavior.  We are so pleased.  

I strongly advise parents to not give up. We were told to just live with the symptoms. We were told she probably had sensitivity to pain. She was diagnosed with depression due to excessive anxiety, but of course she had anxiety. Who wouldn't?

Holley feels a little better each day. We are still searching for foods and resources, but life is so much better for our daughter and we know we are on the right path toward whole body wellness.

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