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Wendy's Story


My son was always smaller than my other kids.  He would wear the same size clothes twice as long as his brother and sister.  He was very colicky as a baby.  About the time he was 6 months old, he started to develop ear infections and asthma type symptoms. As a toddler, he was cranky and hard to deal with.

My husband and I were often at wits end.  The doctors always said there was nothing wrong, he was healthy and developing normally.  

Potty training took longer for him; accidents were common.  Kindergarten year was tough; he suffered many respiratory infections. He always had itchy rashes covering his legs and torso. 

It wasn't until he started going through puberty that we finally got a diagnosis. He started having diarrhea, and as you can imagine, didn't like talking to his mom about it.  A physician assistant diagnosed his symptoms as celiac disease, and luckily, the doctor had just attended a seminar on celiac disease.  

My son's health improved soon after he stopped eating gluten.  He started growing more, and his personality improved dramatically. He became the happy boy we love so much!  No more cranky boy, unless he gets gluten in his food.

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